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Hello all!

I'm looking to build an all-mountain wheelset. Due to the (un)availability of parts, I was eyeing a set of Crankbros Synthesis Alloy Enduro rims to lace to my i9 Hydra hubs.
The rims are interesting in that Crankbros designates a 29.5 mm wide/32h rim for the rear, and a 31.5 mm/28h rim for the front. I understand the intention of the design, however I am a heavier rider (210-215lbs) who does a lot of dumb things and 28 spoke wheels gives me pause.

I'm sure it's totally fine.

The problem is, only the 32 hole rims are in stock and I'm hoping to build these wheels up asap. My intent is to run 2.4" Assegai in the front and 2.5" Minion DHRII in the rear. Has anyone had any experience building these wheels using two "rear rims"? I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't be okay.

Thanks for any info yall can provide. Cheers,

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I don’t know about their current wheels, but in the past Crank Brothers wheels have had reliability issues. Not sure what parts you are having trouble finding, but most wheelbuilding parts are available. You might reach out to Mikesee (lacemine29) if you are having trouble fining parts as he has a pretty strong inventory.
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