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So, my bike is PF92. I pulled the E13 LR1+ cranks off it so that I can find a set of carbon cranks to lighten the bike up.
The aluminum cranks say 73mm / 57-60mm offset / 113 spindle.

Found a set of E13 LR1R cranks at the swap show this weekend that didn't have any markings on them (and I couldn't get the arm off to see spindle length). Compared it to a set of 73mm cranks on the table and they looked pretty close...closer than if it had been 83mm. So I bought them.

Got home and got the non drive arm off and the end of the spindle says 123mm.

How do I verify the 73mm?
Is the 123mm then a no go to back fill the cranks that came off?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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