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I know this is a drive train question, but I'm posting here since this forum tends to ride the type of equipment that I do

I'm running Profile cranks on my Sir 9 and have to use two washers between the cranks and bb on each side to get a straight chain line. I'm running an XT disc rear cassette hub with an Spot single speed spacer kit. The inner spacer will not allow me to move the chain closer to the center of the wheel. Does anyone have a Spot kit and another kit that they can compare the inner spacer measurements?

The reason this is a problem is that the inside of my right ankle just can't take any more scar tissue! I took all of the skin off of my inner ankle bone again yesterday-and I wasn't even crashing.

I have a new rear wheel coming in a couple of weeks. CK cassette hub with DT spokes, nipples, and TK rim. I hesitate to do much until I get the new wheel-I doubt it will be different, but I've never run a CK hub single speed before so I don't know.

Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.

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