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Crank Lenght on your double?

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Odd question. I know.

Currently I run 170mm shimano hones on my Double.
But as of late, they've given up the ghost.

Now, Unfortunately my restrictive girlfriend has limited me to a severe budget of 40pounds.
So it's second hand only.

I've seen some 175mm hones. Which at £35 are a bargain. But, this is the question.

When riding with 170mm Hones. I often clipped the ground, will 175mm suffer more?
Especially on the Double. Or is it mainly my riding technique that needs improving?

What do you guys ride and how do they perform?
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I have been riding 170s on mine for 3 years. I put a set of 175s on for racing for a while, but wasnt crazy about it off the race track. For jumping and general playing on the bike, I am all about the 170 cranks.

The 175s were a bit long coming out of berms and through rough terrain. I think you will likely find with the 175s that you will start spiking pedals more
id go with the 170's. to bad your hones crapped out. i have been riding mine for 3 years with no problems and lots of clipped pedals and cased jumps. still running strong.

Try to find something used. some more hones, truvativ holzfellers, older saints, or pretty much anything.

if you are clipping pedals with 170's then it should be pretty obvious that the 175's would add to the problem.
Well, I asked hoping that it Really was my riding style that was flawed.

Well, I shall be looking for some 170mm cranks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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