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O.K. so I have had an on going problem of trying to track down a set of square taper cranks with a 5 bolt compact spider. I really want to run a 22-30-44 chainring setup so I can stay in my middle ring for a longer period of time. However with all the new cranks being four bolt the smallest middle you can physically run is a 32. I also would enjoy a square taper do to some of the new x-types having such a wide q-factor. I found some alright deals on some isis raceface turbines, but I'm worried isis bottom brackets may not be around for that much longer, and I heard they were out fast. Raceface doesn't even make any higher end isis bbs anymore they only make the cheap ones that you can't rebuild. However people still make really nice and light square taper bbs (phil wood, campy, etc.). Used square taper cranks have been selling on ebay for upwards of 160 dollars without rings, and I would really like a new set, and I need more than one. So needless to say I have been searching the internet endlessly for a set of new turbines. I recently thought about a company I saw at interbike called Moonhead Machining. They had some really sweet cranks that were square taper (they had that n.o.s. red Mantis that was stolen) Anways I emailed them and they said they were going to go ahead and make those cranks and the would either be square taper or an x-type, your choice. They would also have a replacable spider so you could put any size on that you wanted. The bad news is that they don't know when they will be ready. So I was hoping you guys could maybe send them a little push to get them going. I know there are others out there with the same problem. Here is the original email:

Hey, thanks for keeping us in mind all this time. We're working on a
couple different cranksets at the moment. The arms we showed at
interbike we did intend on producing, but the market was in a state of
change at that point, and we had to reevaluate. In the time since,
those cranks have evolved into our heavy use & freeride cranks. We've
got an entirely new hollow model underway for XC purposes. All our
cranks are undergoing testing right now, and in the mean time, we're
busy working out the other ringsets so they'll be ready when the arms
are. Unfortunately, the timeframe is completely up in the air,
especially now that we're gearing up for a move into a new facility.
What we can say for sure is that they'll be available in sq taper and
24mm integrated configurations, and feature a removable spider for your
choice of bolt configs to support 20/30/42 & up triple arrays, CX, SS, &
RD configurations. Hope this helps, and if you have any other
questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for checking in!

Pete Doering
Moonhead Machine

email them here with you comments [email protected]

visit them here

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Hey Dan, I found these two on ebay and it looks like exactly what you're looking for.
They don't seem to be that expensive just yet.

I have a friend who will soon be selling a set of them exactly like the silver ones above but I don't know how soon he plans on selling. Another thing to consider is that while RF is no longer making high end BB's I'm pretty sure other companies are.
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