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Cracked weld

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I just noticed a crack about 1/8" long running along the center of one of the welds holding the seat portion of the bike to the main body of the frame. I ride an i-drive so the frame geometry is a little screwy. this is basicly one of three welds that hold my body weight to the frame. I'm 185 lbs and i'm worried about breaking the seat stay right off. If any body can give me some tips short of re-welding i'd appreciate it. I was thinking about using a metal bonding epoxy. Is that a bad idea?
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Bad idea

Sorry to give you bad news, but fixing a cracked weld with anything short of another weld is not a good idea. There are services that will fix cracked frames. Here's one.

Not sure why you're reluctant to get it fixed right, it's much cheaper than a visit to the emergency room.

Get it repaired. Alum frame cracks can spread pretty quickly and before you know, SNAP! Get it repaired or stop riding the frame altogether and retire it. It's always unpredictable whena frame cracks.

The links posted by others are the only two sources of AL frame repair I know of, so give them a holla.

Certain model year I-drive frames were prone to cracking. GT later redesigned the frame and beefed them up at the problem spots.
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