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Cracked Blur frame

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Hi all

I cracked the top tube on my 2003 Blur this weekend. It was a "JRA"-type crack - nothing in particular that would have caused it, other than 2+ years of riding on rocky northern NJ trails.

The LBS I purchased from is no longer in business (GetOutside bikes of Ridgewood). Anybody have similar experience getting a frame replaced? I believe I am out of warrenty at this point. Also, if you get a "no-fault" price on a new frame, do they let you apply it to something else (i.e. Blur LT or Nomad)?



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There was a Blur at my lBS a few weeks ago that cracked the frame at the seattube just below the clamp for the FD. Broke it clear all around. SC warrantied it with a Blur LT.

Warranty --Maybe

My 03 Blur was out of warranty when it cracked just above the BB -this was a known manufacturing flaw that SC remedied. Your damage is not an area that was indicated by SC as a potential weak spot. Why not just send the photo to SC & give 'em a call. BTW- The frames in question from '03 were Large size only.
Good luck!
All good...

I talked to SC and I am all hooked up with a return number. Impressive - really great customer service!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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