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Just bought a Surly Crosscheck frame and have a good idea on what parts i am going to use to build it out but had a couple questions.

It will be a 1x drivetrain and i'd like to have a Shimano 105 right brake shifter combo, but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts in a standalone brake for the left side as no shifting will be needed. I am going to put Paul Minimoto brakes on this

And ive used the shimano un55 bottom brackets in the past and have some nice square taper cranks id like to use so i think ill purchase another one of those (like the simplicity) but wasnt sure on spindle length. I'll have a 105 11 speed cassette in the back. In the past i've just kind of approximated on spindle length in order to get a chainline thats around the middle of the cassette but wasnt sure if i should think this through more or if someone had any ideas from experiance

Thinking the Shimano WH-501 wheelset (its about $100) but dont know if the internal rim width is too small for the 35mm tires id like to put on it. If there is another wheelset that might make sense my budget is $200

Will likely do about 70% commuting on shitty roads and 30% gravel
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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