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Couple of quick Salsa rim Qs

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Just picked up a wheelset from a local. Rims are Salsa Delgado 29er. When I look on the Salsa site these rims share similar characteristics as the Semi. Did Salsa change the name at some point and I just have old rims? (NOT complaining!) If so, any idea what year this happened?

I'm just curious to know. Looking merely for educational purposes. I'm REALLY diggin' these wider rims so far.

As always, PATIA!
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Salsa Delgado Disc 29"er?

Those would be the 28mm wide, pinned and sleeved rims Salsa first came out with for 29"ers. Semi and Gordo models replaced the Delgado Disc a couple of years ago now. Those Delgado Disc rims had an issue with noise emanating from the pinned and sleeved joint with many folks. I have some, and mine are silent, but many were problematic in that way. Otherwise they are great rims.
Great, thank you very much, Ted!!!! :thumbsup:
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