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Couple of Pitch queries!

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Firstly ,what size to go for? I'm 5' 8" so would I go for a small or medium? Seems people are saying that Pitch's are quite long,is that right?Thoughts please!
Secondly,thinking that I would take the pikes off,put them on my hardtail,and fit a pair of coil Lyrics on the Pitch,would the bike still handle ok?Again thoughts please!
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size wise i would say medium, i pick up a large this year and at 6'0" it fits great with a short stem but does has a long wheel base, think i may have like a medium
Go for the Lyrik it will still handle well!
Im 5'7 and ride a medium I just got a 50 mm stem so I dont feel so streched out.
Go for the Medium fo shure.
They are fairly long (I think),
because I would of got a small Enduro SL if i went that route.
get a medium for sure. I'm 6'2" on a L and I still shortened up the stem.

Get the lyric for sure. I've got a talas 36 on my bike and it's amazing. The pitch should have shipped with a 160mm fork from the factory.
5'7 ish here with a medium and Fox 36s - very happy indeed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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