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I thought I'd tear down/clean/lube my Fox FloatR AVA that cam stock on my NRS1. I tried going off of the Fox manual, but ran into several questions:

1) The two reducers that are pressed into the eyelets on each end of the shock; are these reducers supposed to fit snug, or are they supposed to rotate freely inside the eyelt's bushing? Mine are tight and don't rotate.

2) I could NOT get the airsleeve to come off the shock body in either direction after removing the snap rings. When trying to slide the sleeve down towards the bottom end, the inner-sleeve keeps the outer sleeve from coming down. When trying to rmove them towards the top, the area around the air valve keps it from coming off.

What am I doing wrong? I realize I maybe should have posted this in the shock forum, but I figured that more folks here will have experinece with the same shock as I have (which is different than the AVA example shown in the Fox manual)
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