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Contacts: Scott MacNamee
Director of Marketing
Randall Scott Cycle Company
[email protected]

Coup d'état - Health Conscious Helmets Break Into Randall Scott Cycle Company Warehouse
Boulder, CO -1/30/2007-
Randall Scott Cycle Company, America's Premier Cycling Company headquartered In Boulder CO, announces a semi-successful coup d'etat staged by the 2007 Bell and Giro helmets.

Helmets and the Randall Scott Cycle Company have always had a tumultuous love/hate relationship. The helmets have, for a long time now, felt exploited by the triple XXX lifestyle lead by the staff here at the company. Their contention is that they are in a can't-win situation and are simply being set up for failure.

These sentiments are expressed by an ornery Giro Monza, "when you guys knock six teeth out after a header in a rock garden, all we hear is, 'what kind of helmet are you? I paid a hundred bucks for you to let me swallow my own teeth?' We're helmets we protect your most important asset and we do an amazing job of it. We are not facemasks or mouth guards. Then when we save your' life from 'the tree that jumped in front of you', and what do we get? I'll tell you what we get, - nothing, nada, zilch - no "thanks helmet", or "glad I had you helmet", just a "whew that was close" and you hop right back in the saddle.

So, when the helmets were spotted by our security cameras congregating on the outskirts of the Randall Scott barracks, we knew something was going down. Before the situation escalated we sent our fearless Director of Operations, Sammy Mishkin, to hear their demands. Their demands were simple and reasonable: a more prominent role in our product line and a little respect.

We quickly obliged, adding the 2007 Bell and Giro helmets to our site on the spot and promising to give them a little ink. So let's give it up for helmets - they've never been involved in steroid controversies (Iron Horse Steroid Controversy), they don't cheat on you like your skanky ex-girlfriend, and they save your life - so buy one.

To learn more about life, love, sports, and the 80's, visit the Randall Scott Lifestyle Blog.

Randall Scott Cycle Company ( - America's premier cycling company is revolutionizing the cycling community. We are passionate about the cycling lifestyle and providing customers with a superior experience. Customer Service is paramount to our philosophy of combining personal world class service and premium cycling products from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Try the Randall Scott Difference, become a part of our growing community, and join our thousands of already satisfied customers. Randall Scott Cycle Company.
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