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my bike is dying...

Hey there, right now I'm riding a 1 1/2 year old Specialized Hardrock Comp. This has been a great bike for me, especially since I only paid 350 for it, brand new. Now, though, a good 18 months later, it's starting to get pretty fickle on me. The drivetrain is just about shot to hell, the fork might as well be a jackhammer, and the wheels and skewers have a nasty habit of unseating themselves in bad sections. So I'm looking at upgrading to dual suspension, anyway since I'm tired of getting beat up on a hardtail (currently looking at one of the enduros). Two problems, though: 1) i'm only 15 and can make around 100-150 bucks a month, which could get me enough to buy a nice new bike by the time I can collect social security... and 2) I'm afraid that this bike is going to go south on me before I'm ready for it to go south. So I also have two qestions: 1) should I replace parts now on this bike, or just ride it into the ground until I can afford a new bike? and 2) does anyone know of any ways to get a good amount of cash, besides selling stuff I already have? Please help me!!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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