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Corsair Maelstrom headset question?

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Hey Corsair riders!

Just curious what headset your rocking? I'll soon be picking up a Maelstrom and originally was pretty set on the -1º option but want to be 100% sure on it and could use some feedback.

I'm going to be running a 07 888RC2X out front and will be riding lots of DH and free ride, mostly on the East Coast but in BC for a few months while I finish school. My old bike had a 66º head angle, I enjoyed it for trail riding and jumping but found it too steep on DH runs.

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Only suggestion I have is that you carefully read the threads about idler pulley issues. If you're aware of that and okay with it then I'm sorry I brought it up.
I am aware of the potential for idler issues. I'm hoping it has been resolved. Most of the issues seem to be on set ups running multiple front rings. I'll be running a 1x9 with chain guide and making sure my frame comes with what ever the most up to date pulley there is.

Moving on. Back to head angles.. Any reason not to go for the slack cups?
If I was you I would order it with both headsets. Then try them both out for yourself.

for your descibed use I would recommend the -1 headset, but it really comes down to the trails you ride and your riding style.
I would go -1 - I'm running it on my Crown and my buddy Err is running it on his Maelstrom. Both of us enjoy the slacker HA, though both of our stables seem to be getting slacker and slacker lately, I think his trail bike is 65.5 now ;).
cool. I'll grab both and see what I like. Thanks.
I have the -1 on my Maelstrom, it's money. Running a Totem, just a hair under 65º.

The roller definitely works better with a single ring, plus there are more options for garage fiddling if the pulley doesn't have to float. But it's not going to be carefree, trust me. If you like working on bikes, go for it, the Maelstrom kills. If you don't, steer clear.

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