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Corona Loma

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Last night I left the Pima lot at 6pm, went up Mormon/National to BV, then swung over to Corona Loma, back down to DC and back...

I gotta say I feel a humbled by Corona Loma. There are some hairy sections on that trail, switchback city too...I was a bit nervous about hitting it for the first time ever in the dark, but it wasn't so bad...A few really ominous spots loomed up from the shadows (I HAB'd a number of areas). Overall awesome ride, beats the snot out of coming down Telegraph (IMO).

I had the whole place to myself, there wasn't a single person on the entire ride aside from a runner on the way back down DC....The weather was gorgeous.
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Ohhhh, sweet Corona. That trail kicked me arse a few years back.

Can't wait for some redemption if I am ever up to the challenge ....
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