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francois said:
whuuuuut? I don't know if I'm giddy or sad.
Com'on maaannn... you have a cyclocross bike - this weather is perfect!

I didn't ride yesterday (gym), but I am riding today. I've developed a pretty nice on road/off road loop that doesn't include STP trails (normally I include those in my loop). I mostly hit some dirt along Los Alamitos Creek Trail and this loop is a hybrid of my road loop.

I'm actually enjoying this weather (to ride in) because I can't stand the 100 degree weather in the summers here.

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norton55 said:
thats all! we got 3.25" here. i got one of my brush piles burned, the air is clean and all is right with the world. bring on the rain! :D
it depends on when the gauges are read. the Cal Fire stations read at 8am and then reset to zero for the next period

total at my personal gauge was 2.25" [I just dragged my butt outside to go read it] for the storm and that's on 35 just south of Castle Rock

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I think the bigger issue rather than building trails (osha approved?) is getting the drainage ready to handle water. A lot of the drainage on local trails right now is filled with sediment and just needs to be scraped out.

And as trailmaster Shane says when cutting drains... "be like water".

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It only did it for about 10 minutes or so, but the water POURED out of the sky in Castro Valley... if we get a few days of that starting the weekend, the East Bay Clay will be like thick Peanut Butter! Wheee... :madman:

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special alert ...

California, San Francisco
Special Weather Statement
Statement as of 2:03 PM PST on January 13, 2010

Expires 5:15 PM EST on January 14, 2010

... Multiple storms expected to impact our area next week...

After starting out with a relatively quiet weather pattern for the
first half of January... all indications are a series of storms
will move in from the Pacific and impact the San Francisco and
Monterey Bay regions.

The first in the series is forecast to spread rain into our area
starting on Sunday and continuing into Monday. This system will
likely bring 2-3 inches of rainfall for higher elevation spots
with up to an inch for most urban locations.

The next in the series is then expected to push into our area
later on Tuesday and will likely bring 1-3 inches of additional
rainfall for higher elevation spots with again up to an inch for
lower lying urban areas. Additional systems are forecast for the
remainder of the week.

In addition... a very powerful jet stream is forecast to be over
California by the middle of the week while a deep surface low is
positioned off the Washington coast. This has the potential to
produce strong winds and may prompt wind advisories and warnings.

Although there is some disagreement with the timing of each
storm... there is strong agreement that the central coast will see
a period of very wet and windy weather for next week. This series
of wet storms will likely raise stream levels through the week
which could lead to hydrologic concerns.

Anyone planning on traveling toward the Lake Tahoe region should
also be prepared for potentially dangerous Road conditions due to
the possibility of significant snow accumulations. Snow levels of
will likely be between 4000 and 5000 feet.

Mariners and those at local beaches may also encounter dangerous
conditions most of the week due to large northwesterly swells
that will combine with strong winds over the water.

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This timing looks pretty good. I'm scheduled to be at Tahoe for a week or so starting next Thursday. Hopefully it snows a ****-ton, but the roads stay open...
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