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Angry Bootleg Canyon in trouble.
About three weeks ago the Boulder City, City Council voted to give the river mountain trail over to "hikers only".
This group that has been backed be the eco terrorist group The Sierra Club, is also now trying to get the Boyscout trail.
They didn't get the Boyscout trail during the vote, so now they have been piling rocks on the downhill side of blind turns and in the tire lines on Boyscout.
The Sierra Club has organized hikes to flood the trails for about six months prior to the city council meeting to make it look like there was to many hikers to have bikes using the River Mountain trail safely.
Now that they got the River Mountain trail, activity on it is almost zero and some of the same hikers are now on the other ( bike ) trails in the area after saying that " hikers and bikers shouldn't mix."
If you see anybody piling rocks on the trails or doing any unauthorised work that looks like it is designed to interfere with bikes, pleased call Brent Thompson or the Boulder City Police imediately.
Of particular interest is an old man named Peter ( Tall and gangly with no shoulders ) that drives an old early 60s Sky Blue Chevy truck. He isn't supposed to be working on anything but the River Mountain Trail and is resposible for the theft of River Mountain Trail from the bikers by outright lies.
One of my favorite stories is how " Peter" built all those trails and how all that single track out there is " stolen jeep trails ".
I would like anyone that finds this of interest, to forward this thread to other bike related message boards.

Thanks Eric.
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Thats who's responsible!

I knew something fishy was up with boyscout. I knew brent wasn't rolling rocks down the middle of the trail.
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