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Cool unicycle action.

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A bunch of kids from Canada was camping across from us at Slatyfork this past weekend. A cool bunch of kids. One of them wanted to show us his skills and I'd just thought I'd share.

Here's another one of the kid that was w/ our group this weekend. He held his own w/ the big boys!
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lol i had heard of people doing mountain unicyling(or Muni and many call it i guess). it sounds like fun, cool video
i saw a couple of unicyclists on tv recently... they were doing trials stuff (hops and drops) that were just sick
more vids

check out "jump" and "runout" etc.

Google "Kris Holm muni video" for more insanity
The North American Unicycle Championships and Conference will be in Memphis (my hometown) from June 30-July 5 2006.They are planning several events and races around town, I'll plan on seeing them on one of the hilly courses on July 4th.
I saw a vid of a guy riding in B.C, North SHore type stuff. Huge drops and jumps, he had madd skillz. I don't know how those fellas don't end up crippled just from the landings (saddle+jewels+hard landing)
That crack about Afghanistan and Pakistan had me almost piss myself! Wish I could've been there. And if anyone from out West is reading this, West Virginia riding SUCKS. It's just too dang technical. Keep going to Moab.

Long Live WV!!
Cool Vids


Thanks for the videos especially the one of my little man attempting that hill. It just doesn't look that steep in the video however we can assure everyone it was.

That is still pretty good stuff on the uni. It was great to be there in person and see this young guys tallent.
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