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Hi all,

I'm not new to bikes per se, but I've never understood gearing ratios very well, so I'm here to ask you experts.

I just picked up a killer Surly Cross Check... currently it is a single speed with a Sugino Messenger Cranks (46T) up front. I like my gears, so this is the first thing I'm changing. I'd like to keep these cranks up front, well, because they look decent, and I don't have the cash to spend on new cranks as well.

What type of cassette can I run in back that will be decent for urban commuting and light pebble/city trail use? I'm open to use either mtn or road parts (for the RD and/or cassette). Ideally I can find the parts used on craigslist to save some change.

FWIW- I live in Austin, TX - where it is generally flat in the city with some minor hills here and there, and then minor to decent hills on the mtb trails. I will be running 700x32 knobby tires within the next couple of weeks when I can afford to.

I appreciate your suggestions, thanks much,
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