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Convert a 3x9 to 3x10 SRAM setup

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Hi all

I currently have a Carrera banshee x 2010 and it has a 3x9 SRAM setup
It has SRAM x7 RD, SRAM x5 FD, SRAM x7 shifters.

I am looking to upgrade all parts to SRAM x9 2011 10 speed Inc the SRAM x9 3x10 crankset.

My problem is I am unsure wether the 10 speed cassette would fit on my bike as obviously there is only a 9 speed cassette there at the moment!
I no the spacings are closer together but there's still an extra cog there! Will I need to change my hub as well? Or should it fit straight on?

Also do you guys think this is a worth while upgrade? I have been looking at the sram x0 and xx but it's not worth me paying the extra money for what I do! I mainly use to and from work and occasionally go to my local forest.

Thank you
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It'll go on fine. I honestly wouldn't bother though. It's expensive and the performance benefits aren't going to be all that substantial.
Remember that 10 speed on a MTB will be more finicky to keep in tune on a mountain bike, as there is way more opportunities to tweak/damage things.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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