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I've got a Thule roof rack/rails with the sidearm/upright type of holders, mounted on top of my Matrix. I also have a 1-1/4" receiver hitch on my car, and would love to get a receiver, upright sidearm rack to carry two bikes, instead of the roof rack. So I'm wondering: has anyone taken the trays and sidearm assembly from a roof rack and mounted it somehow on receiver rack and made it work? The bits all look pretty similar.

thanks for any ideas.

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My freind has a SMART car that he made a "reciever" rack for out of a roof rack. He designed and made a metal frame that bolts into the smart car's tow hook threaded holes then bolted the single Yakima or Thule rack to that.

You could buy one of those reciever platforms and figure a way to bolt to it. They're relatively cheap.



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