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Looks like I won't be going anywhere for a while.

Introducing, the 2011 Factory Team Special Limited Edition Fully Custom Prototype XXXXXXXXXXL Highline...

As you can see, this thing is a poser's wet dream. It's been raining a lot round here, but was able to take this pig out on a couple very short rides. And let me tell you...

TSCHEEZUS WAS RIGHT.... this bike climbs better than a scalded billy goat in an elevator.

I'm curious how many hours DT spent trying to figure out how to cram a front derailleur into this design? I'll bet a lot. Only thing I would change(thus far) is move the chainstay brake line guide to the underside of the seatstay, to match the shift routing on the other side.

I am very much looking forward to hurling my carcass off some stuff aboard this beauty.

Just roll it......
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Wow, looks really good DB! :thumbsup: I'll be curious to get your thoughts on the CCDB as I'm picking up a used one for my rig (thanks AW!),

Also, I noticed you were riding it in some pretty harsh environs.....perfectly suited for the HL's beefy build, no doubt. How many silicone injected actresses did you need to bunny hop on the way to the beach?? :eekster: :) :)

One thing that truly baffles me that maybe you can help me out with. How did you manage to build an entire bike up without asking what cranks, fork, stem, brakes, shifters, shock, hubs or tires should go on it? :confused: :confused:

1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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