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ContourHD - First video post

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This was the third day I took the ContourHD out. I found out two things really matter.
1) Mount the CAM so it spends the majority of the time level
2) Mount it as stable as possible

CAM is mounted to the right side of my vented helmet using the Goggle Mount and some velcro. The video quality suffered a bit on the upload; the original looks a bit smoother. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the lack of vibration of the CAM in the video. Noise; I had the microphone hole taped over with a thin slice of ear protection. I believe most of the wind noise is coming from the air going through the vents of my helmet. The edge of my helmet is visible in the lower left hand corner. Parts of this ride is a tree slalom course, I wear forearm protection for this reason.
Newberry Park - Christmas Eve Bike Ride (ContourHD)
from MarkHL on Vimeo.
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those were some tight trails there Mark. i bet a guy like me with 29 inch bars might have a hard time now and then.
Nice job! You've got some great trails out there.

The fun is just beginning....

I ordered my Contour HD today after playing around with some raw footage in Sony Vegas Pro.
Looks good.
You've got some great trails out there.


Those trails are 4 miles from my house... I have to drive a little further for these at Green Mt. (about 7 miles). Some higher speed stuff from today (Christmas). At 27 seconds I hit about 30 MPH with a steep drop to the right. Very little shake from the camera...
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Word of warning: used my contourHD in May for the first time. Had it attached to my helmet and was following a mate down a track. Changed my riding style trying to "film" him with my head. Consequently changed my riding style, dropped of a small bridge over a creek and went head first into the bank on the other side.

Nine weeks in hospital, fused C3 & C4 and 6 months rehab!! Still not on the bike, but at least now skiing!! Hope to get on the bike mid next year!!

At least I have the footage of the accident:eek: Moral of the story, don't change your riding to try and make the film smoother etc, just ride naturally!!:madman:
Where is the microphone hole on the ContourHD 1080P?
Slow29er said:
Where is the microphone hole on the ContourHD 1080P?
Mine was covered by the laser warning label; very small...
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