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ContourHD and Ultra-Pod Tripod

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**** Update **** After test riding this setup, it's just not rigid enough. I have now mounted the goggle mount on the top of the helmet securing it with velcro that is the width of the mount. There was still a bit of play in the mount interface that I was able to remove by cutting a piece of inner tube and sandwiching it between the mount pieces. It seems pretty rigid and hopefully will eliminate the shake I was getting today.

I've used the Ultra-Pod tripod for taking many pics and vids with my conventional digital. I just received the ContourHD last night and immediately set about doing a modification that would allow me to keep using it with the VholdR product. It's a simple mod. I just shaped (hacksaw, file) a plastic disc to approximately the O.D. of the flat mount that came with the camera. I then drilled and tapped a 1/4 x 20 hole in the center of it that would allow me to screw the plastic disc onto the tripod. I pressed the adhesive mount onto the disc. The advantage of using the Ultra-Pod is it swivels, so I don't have to "pull apart" the supplied mount to orientate it. Plus I can strap it to my helmet, bike, trees etc.
I also used the extra security strap on the second mount to secure the plastic disc to the flat mount in case the adhesive fails.

Here are the pictures of different test mount orientations:

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