Continental released a few tidbits of their 2013 product line for the Eurobike and Interbike shows:


The Rammstein is the culmination of almost two years of R&D between Continental Engineers and Conti sponsored gravity riders like the Athertons and Richey Schley
  • MSRP: $84.95
  • Hand made in Continental's factory in Korbach, Germany
  • Wedged-shaped shoulder lugs provide progressive reliability at speed
  • Center tread maximizes acceleration while providing robust braking
  • APEX technology-a rubber layer between plys in the carcass and wrapped aroundbead-provides protection from pinch flats
  • Dual ply carcass makes tire torsionally strong and adds puncture resistance
  • Features Continental's proprietary Black Chili Compound
  • 360 TPI
  • 1200-grams
  • Available in 26 x 2.4


The first and only tubular tire with Conti's famed BlackChili Compound; every Cyclo X-King is hand sewn by the experts in Continental's Korbach, Germany factory. A profile derived from the all-purpose X-King tread pattern gives this tire low rolling resistance thanks to alternating center lugs and a firm grip on everything from hadpack to medium loam due to aggressive shoulder knobs. The real secret of the X-King's performance is its BlackChili Compound which has 30% higher grip, but 26% less rolling resistance and 5% greater durability than activated silica rubber.
  • MSRP: $124.95


With the success the X-King tread pattern has enjoyed with mountain bike riders everywhere, making this tread in a cyclocross version was an obvious choice. The X-King tread features a symmetrical center section for excellent straight-line climbing and braking matched to firm shoulder knobs that provide predictable handling in mixed conditions. The X-King's Black Chili compound gives it lower rolling resistance and better traction than any other rubber. Available in a 32C width to conform to UCI sizing rules. Cyclocross Race and Cyclocross Speed Clincher in 35C widths with round out Conti's cyclocross clincher offering.
  • MSRP: $54.95

Continental will bring their full range of unique technologies to bear on the new size including their proprietary Black Chili tread compound and ProTection Revolution Tubeless Ready casing. The new 27.5-inch tires that feature Black Chili compound will be made in Continental's Korbach Germany facility. To get start the 27.5-inch campaign, Continental has developed their most versatile tread pattern, the X-King. It will be available in both a 2.2 and 2.4-inch width and at least one size in their ProTection RTR casing. Prices are expected to fall directly in line with Continental's current 26- and 29-inch tire offerings.

Thoughts => I would like to see a few more tires in the 650B size, including Mountain King and my fave tire, the Trail King.

Update 5/2/12 => They released a Trail King 2.2 ProTection w/APEX earlier this year, and it will be followed at sometime by the TK 26x2.4 and 29x2.2,29x2.4. In regards to the 650B, they'll start with XKing, and follow with Mountain King and Trail King, all in 2.2/2.4 ProTection, fold and wire, etc.