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I've been using the Conti Trail Kings for 4 years now (7-8 tires) and some of them came with some amount of wobble. Today I replaced both tires with a new pair and the front one has the biggest wobble yet. When I rotate the wheel fast, with the bike upside down, the entire bike moves because of the wobble. The tire is the most expensive model (BlackChili ProTection APEX) available. I would have returned the tire if I didn't bought it from abroad.
Are you guys also experiencing this with Conti tires ? I guess it would be somewhat acceptable if this would happen on the 20 euro OEM series, but I wouldn't expect this from the top tier "Handmade in Germany" series.

Yes, the tire sits properly and evenly on the rim (soapy water and 50 psi to make that happen). I also removed it off the rim and put in back again once again just to make sure.

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I only use trail kings tubeless
on my two 27.5 mtb's, 2.4's front and back, sometimes 2.2's
never had any defects, wobbles, any issues
been using them for years. mounted on easton carbon and i9 carbon.

they do have pinhole sealant bubbles on sidewalls from time to time
but hold air fine, never warp or runout...I wear the tread off them and only
replace when I start losing grip. front goes on back and I get a new front.
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