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Constantly Evolving

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A year ago I completed my Covid Ogre build. Since then it has been in a constant state of evolution. Between parts, bags, racks and such I have been honing it to something that I love to ride as much and as far a possible. Which for me, right now, is never enough and never far enough.

I had a Surly Moloko bar on it for the better part of a year but started having neck pain that I was not experiencing when I rode my flat bar Trek Stache 7. So I swapped back to a flat bar and moved my back pain from my neck to mid-back. Not perfect but better than not being able to turn my head.

Probably the one thing that has been the most difficult to determine is rack mounting. I have a number of additional Blackburn cages that I can mount to the front forks or the rear mounts that can hold a lot. Combined with the saddle rack I have on it, for most of my riding they are plenty. In fact I rarely use the additional fork/rear mount racks and tend to just keep rain gear and a jacket on the seat rack.

I have been pondering whether some other form of rear rack system would be better. I would love to year your opinions on this.

Anyhow, I also am evolving. I had been very remiss to go out on cold rainy days until very recently. Luckily, we are blessed here in Texas with pretty moderate temperature, but I am forcing myself to ride on the not-so-nice days too. I think I finally have my cold/wet gear down as well.

Hope your 2022 is starting off well!

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Cool bike, Rod. Glad you鈥檙e getting after it in the new year. 馃憤馃徏
I would use that setup but have a regular rear rack in the wings for more capacity when needed. Any dry bag will work with the rack until (and after) you get panniers sorted. I have an Old Man Mountain that鈥檚 been on a few bikes, but Tubus, Surly and Blackburn would be on my list if I was shopping.
There are steerer tube extenders if you need the bar higher. A shorter stem could also help get the riding posture more dialed. I like the backsweep from 15-30 degrees for long hours FWIW.
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I actually did pull the stem back and with the flat bar it gave me a very upright seating position now.
Super nice setup! (y)
Nice. It would mess with a weight weenie's mind but I recall QBP has Surly made racks when I got theirs for our Fargo. I felt the perfect fit was worth it being a slight bit more in terms of weight and price. When we don't have panniers on it the rack can just old a lot in the style a big seat pack would.
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