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Consequences of underpressurization?

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I recently received my '08 Giant Glory 0. I bought it online and used, and yes i understand the risks of that but it was great deal. Anyhow, when i was going over the bike and adjusting pressures and whatnot, the marzocchi roco tstr coil's piggyback registered as having about 80psi in it (including the air i accounted for being lost to the shock pump). I have no idea how long the bike has been ridden at this pressure or if it even was at this pressure, and i've verified that the piggyback isn't leaking. I had heard that riding with an under pressurized piggyback makes it immediately necessary to get the shock rebuilt due to some sort of air/oil mix that would happen. Is this true- do I need to get the shock rebuilt? It seems to be fine with the marzocchi mandated pressure of 200psi that i put in it.

tl;dr Will riding an underpressurized coil shock mess it up?
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The main consequence is the lack of shock performance because of the inconsistency in rebound and damping. Air might have migrated to the main chamber and created bubbles, but if you feel no clank sounds (especially on rebound) then everything might be correct. Try to run it with the proper pressure and see how the shock feels and how the adjustments change the feel of the shock.

I would bleed the shock If I were you, but you might be OK.
alright, thanks for you input. this is actually my first full suspension bike so i dont have experience with how the shock should feel, so ill definitely get a second opinion from a shop if i can, but the shock feels fine at the proper pressure. what i noticed is that when it was underpressurized and i compressed the shock i heard an oil sloshing sound, but with it properly pressurized i just hear the air swoosh sound. as for the rebound adjustment- when i change the rebound via the knob, it doesnt seem to be making much of a difference, if at all, in the rebound.
Yeah, rebound changes in the Roco shocks aren't very noticeable until the last two clicks or so. If you could feel rebound changes before and now you don't then that's something to worry about.

Anyways you should service it and change the oil to 2.5 Pro Circuit or 3wt Maxima Racing Shock Fluid to get more rebound response from the Roco.
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