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My Fargo hill climb from the annual event on 3/23/14. Massive 33% grade makes it one of the steepest streets on the planet. Video includes the first 2 climbs; First on a 24 Uni, and 3 on my 29er. Did a total of 4, beating my previous record of 2 climbs. It was brutal, but loved it! The full description on youtube for details on the climb.

My uni student Anakin tried a short "test" climb on a 24 uni, and then decided to try it on a mountain bike. Since he didn't bring his own, he actually borrowed one at the event, and although the bike had clipless pedals, he only had his regular shoes, but STILL made it to the top, earning his first patch! Pretty amazing considering he had never tried Fargo or anything remotely that steep. And did it on someone else's bike that was not quite his correct size!

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