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connectx and XTR chain

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Hey guys..(and gals)
I have 2 questions:
1)Any one running a connectx link on an XTR 10 speed chain? I see a lot of conflicting info about if it can or should be run with shimano. Really want to hear if anyone IS doing it, OR did it, and what was their experience. I found out the hard way about the chain slip issue when I put this bugger backwards on whipperman 10 s chain. Put it on my road bike wrong and it skipped like a school girl when I hit the 11T in the rear. This resolved when I went back and installed it as instructed. It was night and day!
2) anyone running a whipperman 10 s chain on a dynasys rear cassette?
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I have used a connex link on a CN-7701 chain without problems many times...

Gotta put the sucker on right side up tho.
I am running a wipperman connex 10s Stainless Steel link with a 10s XTR chain and XT 10s cassette- I have not had any issues at all- skipping or otherwise. I have been running it on a 3X 10 with both 9s front der & Cranks and now a full 10s set-up, and just recently converted my SS into a 1X 10 with an XT cassette and xtr chain- again no issues (though not any real trail time yet).
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