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Confused need help going from 9-10 speed

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Ok heres the problem.

Currently I have a 3 speed xt crank. 44/32/22 paired with an xt cassette 11-34.

Now that I got stronger, I want to get an xtr cogset 11-32 and pair it with my 44/32/22 cranks. After this, when i feel im stronger again, I would like to upgrade my front cranks to the xtr 2011 3 speed set with a 42/32/24 xtr cassette.

We have a very steep hill here that I can climb with the 22 granny 34 cassette with some difficutly when i started. Now it seems easer for me to climb that hill thus would like to try the 22 granny with the 32 cassette.

When I feel stronger its time for me to go to the 34 granny with 32 cassette.

I dont want to go 10 speed since my shifting preference is still the x9 or x0 grip shifters. That plus the fact that 10 speed cogs are heavier (weight weenie here):D Shimano doesnt have 10 speed gripshifters and sram is still not sure they will release 10 speed grip shifters

So am I doing it correctly? 2 teeth at the time to let my engine get stronger? or should i just jump 4 teeths getting a 2011 xtr 24 granny and a 32 xtr 9 speed big cogset to conquer the hill from hell that we have.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Go 1x9 or 1x10 or single speed. 34T-36T chainring and whatever cassette you wish!
10 speed cassettes made by Sram are just as light as the 9 speed cassettes.
Upgrade to X0 triggers. Your grip shifters may be lighter, but they don't have zero loss technology.
Thanks but I dont think I'm strong enough to go 1x9 or 10 yet. I still need the granny on some hills

Maybe retain a granny and a 32 or 34 ring can be an option since I seldom use the 44 except in roads
You would be surprised to see which gears in the middle ring (32) with your casseette are the same if you were in the granny ring (22). I myself am not at all in shape and I can climb just about anything with my 1x9 set up. 11-34T cassette and 34T chain ring. I started with 3x9, but I found I never dropped it down to climb and only once in awhile did I use my big ring.
You also have the option of going to a 2x9 or 2x10 option. FSA has a crank set, the afterburner compact 386. check it out!
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