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I've just bought some '08 Rockshox Recon SL's from Chain Reaction Cycles:

They have arrived today which is great, but looking at the forks i'm more confused than ever? I'd assumed that they were solo air from their description on the Rockshox website: and the fact that CR say they are 2000g which is lighter than most other Recons.

After reading the manual which came with the forks, I don't think they are?
First off, one side of the fork I have a lockout dial and the other has a preload adjuster but no air valve as I was expecting? Does this mean that this fork is spring only, and does not have any air valves to top up? or does the preload adjuster come off somehow to reveal an air valve?

I was hoping for a fork which is reasonably straight forward to set-up. I don't race and don't really have the patience or knowledge for hours fine-tuning.

Really confused?!? what have I bought?
I bought these to replace a SR Suntour XCR LO but now I'm hoping that these aren't just XCRs dressed up in Rockshox stickers?

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From the link you provided- said:

• Travel - 100mm
• Travel Adjust - All-Travel
• Weight - 2000g
• Spring - Coil
• Spring Adjust - Preload
• Damping - TurnKey lockout
• Damping Adjust - External rebound and TurnKey lockout
• Lowers - Magnesium, IS disc mount
• Crown - Forged, 6061 T-6 Aluminium
• Steerer Tube - STKM steel 1.1/8"
• Upper Tubes - 32mm, 7000 series straight wall aluminum, low friction anodized
• Color - Black
• Max. Recommended Rotor Size - 210mm
• Notes - Weight based on full length standard steerer

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Thanks, I guess I should have done my homework before buying.
I wasn't too sure whether forks were either Solo Air or a combination of Air and Coil.
Lucky I didn't order a shock pump with it then :)

Cheers for the replies
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