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conditions at sprain or blue mtn?

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hey peeps.. allamuchy is my back yard but we still have a way to go before being able to ride there.. can anyone provide feedback on conditions at sprain or blue for this weekend? thanks.
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Sprain was melted out last I heard. Still curious about Blue though as I'm hoping to ride there next weekend
Berkley said:
Sprain was melted out last I heard. Still curious about Blue though as I'm hoping to ride there next weekend
by "melted out" you mean not ridealbe, right? or melted out and rideable?

My guess would be unrideable, there's no way the ground has dried yet. When the thaw starts the ground will be mush for almost a month IF no rain (good luck with that). If you're willing to travel a little farther north Stewart forest still has firm icy snow (as of the night before last), stick to the packed snowmobile trails. Probably one of your few choices this early in the season.
I was there today. Its all going to change soon with the coming rain, but today I rode doubletrack that was iced, and that was the best case. When the temps warm, the place is going to be a mud fest and hopefully people can wait a bit please.
I'll keep snowboarding as long as the resorts are open and cruising fat tires until everything turns to mush. It'll be time to dust off the road bike too once the salt is washed away, my lbs scolded me for riding it all last winter. I haven't touched it this season due to no shoulder to ride on from all the snow.
Sprain is not ready yet, I walked it a couple times in the past few weeks and bikes would destroy it.

Hopefully it'll be in good condition by the end of the month.
Please don't ride trails after the thaw until they're drier and firm folks. That's all we need is to get kicked out of even more places for irresponsible riding, please don't give the dec or park rangers any excuse to exclude us all, they can and will.
Sprain would be a mess. I was down there the Thursday morning, when things were cold and frozen still. With it warm, it'll be a slop fest until it either is completely dry, or you hit it up on the next cold enough frozen morning. Particularly the powerline area stuff that dries more slowly anyhow.

I got done riding about 1230 and things were just starting to soften up a bit. There were also some good bits of trail with lots of ice still. Granted, likely melted by now.

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New log ride?

Word on the trails and mushy. Mianus River Park just over the border is still a slop fest. Please help the trail gnomes and mtb access advocates out and avoid it for another couple of weeks.
Sprain was good to go Friday morning but the snow/rain tomorrow and more snow on Thursday will probably shut it down for a week or two. I hate farking mud season :madman:
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