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Computer Guided training diary/graphs etc...

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Ok ladies and gentleman...after scouring the MTBR and Roadie review pages for Training diaries, I have been unable to locate anything ......Is there a computer savvy guy/gal in the area that has created a training table/diary/spreadsheet that will graph out the results at a later point, Say in ms Access or ms Excel...and i rather look towards fellow riders that have created something than deal with software people that have no concept of what we are looking for..Any ideas folks....Reason asking is my wife got me a HRM, Training DVD...and a Cholesterol threat....from the doc...all for XMAS !!! I am not real high but I can bring it lower, and I need to keep losing the weight I earned while in college... I need to see results in a graph form...Gives me something to work towards as well as the fitness changes....
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I've been using for about a year now. It lets you graph lots of things, weight, distance or time (for the activities you do, such as biking), and tracks calorie intake as well. Very useful, I know quite a few other people use it as well.
Check out Nothing beats that.

Lots of graphing tools, diary functions, download support for Garmin, Polar, Power-Tap, SRM and more. Good focused message board for training advice too.
I like the look of the trainingpeaks but it quite expensive for not having a credit card...and the fitday i just signed upfor, but still not what i am looking for. I will try to build a spreadsheet, and look at access for clues...It can not be that hard...Thank you for pointing some direction....
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