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iClique said:
I actually found some composite brake rotors, and they aren't cheap at $165 each but they only weight 65g! NOT BAD! Has anyone tried these?

The heart of Scrub Components is our superlight disc brake rotors. Our rotors are built one at a time from metal-matrix composite sheet.

Our metal-matrix composite is used in other industries for racing applications like sport bikes and snowmobiles, but there is currently nothing like it available for your mountain bike. Our material is only manufactured in a few places in the world, and is very expensive to produce. True to the vision of Scrub, we wanted to take a no compromise approach to all of the products we sell!

While the material is the star of the show, we also didn't cut corners during manufacturing. Each piece is precision machined to ensure a flat braking surface, smooth outside edges, and solid bolt holes. Even the graphics and finish are like nothing you've ever seen on a disc rotor before!
I am using and testing these rotors curently. There are pretty sweet and extremely light:

I had just added these in a 180/160 combination to my 29er using Marta SL brakes. After breaking them in over 2 rides I took them out on the Pueblo South Shore trail which has some tough quick grab a huge handful of brakes type of technical moves along with light feathering in the wicked stuff, and they did extremely well. They would make an occasional noise here and there but were quiet for as much abuse, torture, and fade I was subjecting them to. So far a great and extremely light weight product.

180mm 65.2g
160mm 57.5g

Final review in a couple of weeks, as soon as the Colorado temp's warm up, and the snow melts a bit!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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