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I picked a new bike for my wife this past Christmas and I'm happy to say that she loves to ride it. She hasn't made the transition to all dirt yet, just pavement/dirt so far but that's fine. She's getting exercise and having fun doing it!

Anyway, the brakes it came with were HORRIBLE, Tektro mechanical discs. Earlier today, I completed her bike's first upgrade, a set of Shimano BR-M486 hydros. WOW, what an improvement. Buttery smooth, silent, great feeling! I did a few dozen stop and go's to bed in the pads. Good to go.

Everything went so smoothly with the installation. I picked up the set which included rotors, all brand new for $110 online. I did need to purchase an additional PM to IS adapter for the front brake. I had to use a set of shims between the rear adapter and the frame but not on the front.

She recently crashed, probably partially due to the crappyness of those grabby, jittery Tektro brakes. On her fall, she busted the rear der. hanger and bent the cranks slightly.

I replaced the hanger and the next upgrade is on it's way in the mail...Shimano LX580 cranks, brand new take-offs. I've got a spare lightly used 960 XTR BB which I will use for the new cranks. Not that I am trying to trick out this entry level bike, I just have a closet full of bike parts and it's fun to make the bike better where improvements are noticable and or necessary. My closet is also where the DT Swiss RWS skewers and the Pro XCR lock-on grips came from and I've got several brand new XTR 9 speed chains, one of which will make it onto her bike in time.

Here's some pics of the new brakes...
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