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Ok guys and girls. I have a 2010 Santa Cruz Chameleon and I want to go Geared instead of single speed. I have a budget of 250$

The components I have so far are shimano fc m645 zee crankset.
I have a shimano HG CS-HG81-10 cassette.

I need a front derailleur and a rear derailleur and a new chain. Can you guys please help me am a noob and I don't want to buy the wrong thing.

Thank you for any help guys.


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Do you have the Derailleur hanger for the frame.. you'll need that first..

next, Shifters, cables, derailleurs, Chain..
personally, if you've been riding single speed you can probably just go 1x10 and screw getting a front shifter or derailleur.. saves $$ and weight. Just get a Narrow Wide front ring.

Shifters and derailleur needs to be the same brand as a general rule.. sram shifter need sram derailleur, Shimano Shifter needs a Shimano derailleur

if that's a 10 speed cassette you need 10 speed shifters/chain/derailleur

Speed more on the shifter than the Derailleur.. the Shifter is what actually does the shifting and give you feel and feed back.. the derailleur just does what the shifter tells it to do.

here's a quick pick.. but search around,.. might find it cheaper..

SLX 10 speed derailleur - Shimano M670 SLX Shadow Rear Derailleur 10 Speed

XT 10 Speed rear derailleur - Shimano XT SL M780 Rapidfire Shifter Pods 10 Speed

Cables - Jagwire Hyper Shifter Cable & Housing Kit

If you can afford the extra 10 bucks... - Jagwire Mountain Pro Shift Derailleur Cable Kit

KMC DX10SC / X10.93 10 Speed Chain > Components > Drivetrain > Chains | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop

And if going 1x10 the Narrow Wide ring (it is designed to help keep the chain from slipping off )
Race Face Single Narrow Wide Chainring > Components > Drivetrain > Chainrings | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop
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