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If you get easily annoyed by someone asking 'what wheelset should I get' threads, I'd recommend hitting the back button! :cool:

I just picked up a Voodoo Hoodoo, 26" wheels. The frame is brand new, and the guy I bought the complete bike from built it up using 5-year old parts taken off another bike. Manitou Splice fork, entry-level Bontrager wheels, etc.

I'm not necessarily in a hurry to immediately start swapping out stuff, but know that I'll eventually want to do some upgrades. I plan on abusing the fork till it gives out, hopefully it'll give me a year or more of service.

I'm thinking a good set of wheels (and tires too, as the ones on it don't have much wear, but again, are 5 or so years old) would probably be a good place to start for significantly improving the bike.

My riding: I'm 48 and not nearly as crazy as I used to be, but I'm a big fan of technical stuff. I love negotiating rocks,18-24" dropoffs, hucking the bike around, catching some air here and there etc. My frame is a medium and I'm fairly lightweight (155 pounds).

I probably don't need anything 'bombproof,' but want something that will hold up well and hopefully won't be too heavy either.

I don't know where to begin for pricing... are there complete wheelset pairs that are decent in the $500 range? If so, let's start there.

Thanks in advance... -Eric
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