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Compatibility: XTR952 Crank w/ XTR960 Front Derailleur?

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This is a techie question that spans a couple generations of XTR. I hope not to rehash the XTR 960 chainline issue by asking this question.
I have recently installed a NOS XTR M952 crank with the 5 arm spider size 180mm on my Seven 29er. I replaced the newer version XTR 960 cranks with the XTR 952s. I got the derailleur height adjusted to match the 48 tooth ring and the shifting is smooth. But, the chain is rubbing on the inside of the front derailleur cage as it shifts on to the small ring. Upon further inspection and adjustment with the limit screw basiclly removed the derailleur cannot move in, towards the small ring, far enough to eliminate the rubbing.
I suspect this is an incompatibility between the generations of XTR cranks and derailleurs.

Can anyone confirm this combo has incompatability?

I am just about ready to replace the front derailleur with an older model but would like to know what can be done first.

I am quite excited to use this crank for two reasons. I like the 26tooth inner chainring. I rarely use the 22 tooth inner ring now and when I do I don't generally used the two largest cogs the 30 ro 34. I was hoping to try out the 180s on this bike since I ride 180s my other two bikes, road and single speed.

Thanks for your assistance.
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