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I'm leaving and going home....thought I would share this, I wrote it this morning while I was riding to school

Morning, I pull on to the road
The air is cool
Under grey skies
I start slow to warm up
Silently past parked cars
The road turns slightly
Downward as I slowly
Increase my speed
Pedals turning quietly
The red of traffic signals
Interrupt my progress
Balanced I wait
Cars pass by oblivious
People at bus stops
Watch as I pass by
The traffic thickens
I can see diesel in the air
Spent natural gas in my nose
Gasoline burns in my throat
Traffic stops but still I
Ride silently past weaving
In and out of cars
Going nowhere fast
The city pulses with vehicles
Lumbering here and there
Not caring about me
As I ride
Traffic eases as I
Exit the towers
On the other side
Steel and glass
Give way to brick
And stone and wood
Sullied and unkempt
Wanting for ease from neglect
I arrive, sweating
Pedals still turning silently
And wait for the afternoon
So I may return

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Very good my friend....

I like it....

I commute to work on my bike and park in in my office. When I pass the sled during the shift, I often stop for a moment and spin the crank arms and let them go.... wishing that I was back on the bike. It is good to have your bike with you at work, so it doesn't get to lonely at home in the stuffy garage....


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I like it.

it's simple, yet complex. It speaks to me. Let's talk movie rights - call my girl and we'll do lunch.

my commute poem for today was:

Stop your SUV in front of me
whydontcha lady?
I'm only on a bike.
Apparently you need both lanes.
Move. Move now.
My gutteral screams fall on soundproofed luxury.


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gpsser and hollywood..
you guys are like prose-fessionals..

good stuff.

hey H, was that lady rollin' on dubs in her suburban?

there is a guy on socalmtb dot com in the local message board username STP who almost daily writes ride reports that cause you to feel like you were actually on the ride.

check out an example here...
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