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Comments on this bike 2008 FELT RXC-1

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Hello, I am looking to replace my 15 year old (no shocks) Trek mountain bike. I am looking at the 2008 FELT RXC-1 MOUNTAIN BIKE 15.5" BRAND NEW FULL XT that is currently listed locally on ebay for $1235.00. I can not find any reviews on this bike..any comments on this bike would be greatly appreciated.
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Its a nice bike but 50% off for a new "small" bike that has been sitting around for almost a year isnt unheard of. You need to be around 504 for this bike. Most riders of this bike are probably females which for a XC race bike means there is a pretty thin market. Sometimes when the price slips this low and the manufacturer cant sell the bikes they are disassembled and parted out as OE items by one of the big online sellers like Jenson.
Thanks for your advice. You are right, I am 504. Would this bike work well for mountain biking once or twice a week? Do you recommend another bike? I have no plans of getting into racing. My 44 year old body is getting beat up without any shocks on my current bike.
I think its a terrific bike for someone your size. Its pretty much a no brainer even if its only ridden a couple of times a week. The components are pretty much top of the line . At this price there really isnt much out there to match it. My guess is that it will sell but then again demand is pretty low for the smaller bikes. I say buy!.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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