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Coming to town Alexandria, VA

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I will be there for 9-10 days...I am trying to put together a list of trails that I should hit....

I know I will be going to Wakefield and to Patapsco....where else should I go in the metro area?

I like fast and technical singletrack....
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I'm not sure what the condition of the trail is like these days, but Fountainhead is a short drive (depending on where you are in Alexandria).

Shaffer Farms is fun, Gambril is good both in MD

If you don't mind a bit of a drive, Elizabeths Furnace is nice & technical long climbs fast downhills. If you leave early in the morning, you can ride a good 4 hours out there, and still make it back for a night ride (if you have legs left). Check the MORE board for any rides that may be going on
Patapsco is soup and is going to be for a long time.
mudforlunch said:
Patapsco is soup and is going to be for a long time.
That is I shouldn't go?
+1 to Schaeffer Farms

My only concern would be will they be open as wet as it has been around here lately.I saw they have signs posted at the gate saying the gate will not be unlocked if it's to wet on the trails.

I haven't been there after a rain so I don't know how it drains/dry's.
How about the Southern Traverse in Harrisonburg???

How is that riding at the moment? It looks awesome! I would like to ride it if it is good shape...
jcard14 said:
That is I shouldn't go?
Only go if it is frozen solid. Most of the trails out there can't handle riding in the mud.

Elizabeth Furnace is only a little over an hour away. It offers great climbing, technical sections and a 5 mile descent down Bear Wallow trail. There's also a ride very similar to the Southern Traverse in that same area (climb Mudhole Gap, climb the Massanutten Trail to the ridge, follow south for miles and miles, descend to Edinburgh Gap, take the road back. Check Nat. Geo. map).
jcard14 said:
That is I shouldn't go?
Depends on how the weather treats us! It's been very wet, flood watches and no chance to dry up!
But you can try laurel hill, right near fountainhead. Not the best trails, but it is fast and flowy, and deals with wet weather well. There are a couple more traditional singetrack loops included, slaughterhouse loop and powerstation loop that give a bit more in the way of tech. But most everything is saturated right now. When are you going to be in town?
Wet riding locations

Since the ground is a little wet, your best fun to trail conditions ratio would be Quantico (25 min south of Alex). Fun and flowy trails that hold up well to wet ground. Next would be Laurel Hills in Lorton (15 min south of Alex), very easy, but the mostly crushed stone surface holds up extremely well to water. Last, but the most technical (although not too difficult) is Fountain Head in Fairfax. Holds up reasonably well, but can get a little muddy. Go to the MORE website for info on FH and LH. Info on Quantico can be found by googling the Quantico Mountain Bike Club.
Wakefield and Accotink are too wet.
Loch Raven is good right now, just dont ride it at dark, or the rangers will get ya.
Go to watershed/Gambrills its the best & the trails drain off better than places mentioned above plus more technical tho Schaffer Farm was pretty sweet this am in the snow.......prolly too deep by now
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