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Coming to Fullerton for a week. Wanna ride close to there if I can.

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Hey all. New to the forum as I am an East Coast Dweller now. I grew up through out SOCAL and up the West Coast though! Miss it!
So I am coming to SOCAL for a week and would really like to take advantage of the terrain. Its too flat here in Virginia Beach Va.
Its not worth trying to get my bike out there for a week, so I am trying to find a place to rent something other than a beach cruiser! Any suggestions, or help there would be very appreciated.

Other than that, I would love to ride somewhere with in 30 minutes of Fullerton, and if someone rides on the norm after about 3 or 4pm Id love to try to catch up with somebody.
I am going to be there for work and may or may not get the chance to ride but Id like to have something set up if I can.
Ill be there Monday through Friday next week. 28th through the 4th
I guess you would call me a "weekend warrior" anymore since I havent been able ride in a while.

I see on the map and a few forums that Chino Hills looks pretty nice.
Any other suggestions for areas close to Fullerton?
Thanks ahead of time.
Cant wait to get back out to the West Coast for a bit.:D
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I know you only have another day out here...but here's a couple to check out not too far from Fullerton:

Turnbull Canyon (Whittier/Hacienda)
Marshall Canyon (La Verne)

Check either one out if u can.

Chino is OK, but fun factor isn't as great as the 2 listed above :)
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