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20+ years ago I manage to get a Mountain bike. Having a bike and knowing the proper way to ride it are two totally different things. I have been a cyclist in one form or another since the age of Seven, the skill were there but there were many things to learn. During this past year I have became involved with a group of riders that is new to the mountain bike world that I love. This group is a bunch of Filipino riders that for the most part are new to thing that bonds us a mountain bikers, the thrill of riding on any terrain in front of us. Upon linking up with these riders I was held on a pedestal for my abilities to do things that have become second nature like climbing over logs and decending steep dropoffs. These were thing I struggled with many years ago at my birth into this sport, being able to teach my skillset to a new group of riders has created a assurance that the lessons and hardknocks we all got as newbs will be appriecated by the next generation of riders. The One year anniversery of the Traid PadYakeroS first ride will be celebrated this weekend with a ride followed by a maintain session aka feast. I am no longer the guy who has to put his foot down while crossing every log, but neither are most of my new friends and for that we will honor the trail gods that brought us together. Be your own hero and share the things your are passionate about, come full circle. Pugay Po!!! translated Salute and Respect!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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