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Comin' to WV? Better be speakin' English, son...

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I just found out that our state legislature just made English the official language of West Virginia. Granted, a lot of the dialect I hear around these parts barely passes as proper English, but I still think its a proud day to be a West Virginian. I realize the amendment is only directed at keeping printing costs to a minimum, but its a good thing to put this sort thing on the books before the unemployed trash that moves here simply to take advantage of our state's liberal medicaid, worker's compensation, and unemployment benefits start demanding that the application forms be written in some other splanguage. Oddly, our state motto is a latin phrase... Reckon they should change it??? :p

Bike content: No matter what language my directions are in, they're probably right as often as not.
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You are worried about non-English speaking unemployed trash moving to WV?
Most Latinos work at least 2 jobs, jobs that you and I don't want.
If anything, you should be worried about English speaking unemployed (trailer park) trash.
to send this thread down the gutter..... Since you point out latinos in particular (and I have nothing against anyone due to race, creed, color, breath, stink, etc...) check the statistics (Census Bureau, State tax dept) a majority (over 50%) of imigrant families and those within one generation of imigration typically live as a large extended family, while the males do work 1 or more jobs, it is the elderly, the wives, daughters and sons that suck at the states teet.

Personally, I'm worried about all trash moving anywhere.

MTB content - has anyone seen a sign up, schedle or such for either: Big Bear or Douhtat?
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