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comfort bike purchase decision

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I hope I have entered the correct forum and if not I apologize and please let me know where I should post this question.
I am planning to purchase a comfort bike.
I have several other bikes but due to a back problem i was advised to purchase and ride a "comfort bike".

I am thinking about either a 2005- "Trek Navigator 200" or a "Gary Fisher NAPA".

anyone have any input

Please be honest an lay it on the line

thank you
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Hey, I would go with the trek nav. 200 Its a really good bike, equipt with 24 speeds and a nice aluminum frame. The fork and suspention seat post are of good quality and you should get a really good ride out of it. If your looking for comfort and you dont think your not going to go off road, I would pop over to the hybrids and go with a 7200. Both are decently light and in a good price range for what you get. I have sold aprox. 25-30 of these over the summer, and people rave how the fit is always good (due to an adjustable stem mostly) and a lot of the time husbands come back and get one for their wife (and vise versa). Obviously im not trying to sell you a bike over the net, but I do work in a bike shop and among the comfort bikes I really like the Navigator 200 for value and well...comfort.
Well if you plan on just riding paved roads or smooth paths then either is fine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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