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Come And Celebrate At The mOOn!!!

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Very interesting and little known fact is that tomorrow is Bean Day! Check out this link:

So, in honor of Bean Day....have some Bush's Beans(or whatever kind you like)and get up to the mOOn to celebrate. We are meeting outside the main gate at 6pm. Charge up your batteries and bring your lights. I was just talking to Lee and he told me the forecast is for widespread darkness, however it will be a heatwave as the high tomorrow will be around 28.

Hope to see you at the mOOn tomorrow night, and don't forget to eat your beans! Buddy certainly won't!


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Count me in!

POWERED BY BEANS means no need to pedal.............putt putt putt:ciappa:

Everyone bring a can of beans and I will bring the cooker we toss them all in and let them simmer along with franks. Get done ride'in and eat...


Would be a good night for the Franks and Beans deal!

You get a hot dog and beans on a bum!

The mOOn Bean Dog!:thumbsup:



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In case I both find a babysitter for tonight and somehow lose my mind and think riding in 20 degree weather sounds like fun, how much ice is on the trails? Trying to decide whether to put the spiked tires on or not.
Usually there are a couple of puddles that froze over in spots we know about and can avoid. I don't believe any of us are on spiked tires. I wouldn't worry too much about them.
My tires have rubber spikes, most people call them "knobs" :p

I simply can't afford real spiked tires.
Old set of knobbies + drill + sheet metal screws + 5 mind numbing hours drilling and screwing = spiked tires!
Clipless in PA said:
Old set of knobbies + drill + sheet metal screws + 5 mind numbing hours drilling and screwing = spiked tires!
see, that's just it, I'm too lazy, and ill equipped ... no drill ... ;^)
bear said:
see, that's just it, I'm too lazy, and ill equipped ... no drill ... ;^)
Hey Bear, I have an extra drill you can borrow...LOL!!!! No spikes and the only studs are the ones that are riding....LOL!

On a more serious note, we all just run normal tires and just adjust air pressure accordingly. The one guy that has studded tires even remarked the other day that they didn't really help him any because there is very little ice and like Chriffer said we know where the ice is and avoid it.

C'mon out clipless! It is more fun than three barrels of monkeys! It is a good time and five minutes into the ride you are warm enough that you don't even think of the temp.
Great Ride tonight by all...

... Joan, Buddy, bear, Chriffer, Daisy, Motoman465, Bill, Clipless in Pa(joining us from the Bloomsburg area) and myself all had a fun time slipping and sliding through 3 inches of crispy fresh the mOOn. A bit different ride as Chriffer led us to 5 Tree followed by Nitemare, Big Blue to Buddy's the paved road uphill to T-Rex 2 then down Screamer, Farm Rd the Lake loop, passing the campfire for a bit and Moon Lake drive to finish.

More pics here:


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i really need my wool cap next time, i got cold. meh.

Always learning new things with every ride....learned a little more about bike setup last night.
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