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This is kind of a question for the art / design people, maybe.

I'm building up a custom Mixte-type of bike frame. I originally wanted it to look like some kind of "classic" city bike. The problem is I was only able to get red rims and hubs, and I'm stuck with them unless I paint them. I don't really know how I can make a classic mixte with bright red rims and hubs. So I need to pick a color for the frame and cranks which will coordinate with the red rims. What color coordinates with red? I'm kind of stuck. I can only think of painting the frame, fork and handlebars white, because nothing else seems to go with red.

To summarize:

Rims: bright red
Hubs: bright red
Spokes: Black
Cranks: Need to decide color
Frame/Fork/handlebars: Need to decide color

Small bits like headset cap, headset spacers, etc. will probably also be anodized red.

Here's a bad picture of one of the wheels:
Wheel Tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle hub Bicycle wheel rim
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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