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Looking for advice on how to deal with my GoPro5 and 7 (both Black). Moving to the PNW and having trouble with GoPro footage in DaVinci Resolve. I did not have much luck with ProTune in Resolve-- couldn't get a LUT that worked, so I turned off ProTune. But now, as expected, can't get good dynamic range... and also I notice the edges on everything are outlined like some Photoshop filter... Not sure what gives.
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For those who haven't taken photos/video in the PNW, it's lots of dark green brown and grey and then (relatively) bright overcast sky. And my son and I like bright red bikes and riding gear. I'm generally trying to get more detail out of the "shadows" and sky.
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On my GH5 shooting in vLog or even just natural, it all works out fine (though stills are another matter; even with a speedbooster shooting at f/1.2, it's hard getting action shots without bumping the ISO way up).
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