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Putting the finishing touches on the Novice Area at the Colonnade Mt. Bike Park, Seattle.

The really hard work has been done, with the tremendous amount of rockwork, grading, and basically laying down the foundation of the trail. So now the fun stuff is coming in, creating TTF's (Technical Trail Features), and creating option lines.

Here's the official entrance to the trail. We put in extra time on the pavers here so they would look aesthetically pleasing.

Of course the first log ride we created a while back. It was a glimpse of more things to come as you'll see....

Art T created this little gem. it's a little mess of rocks and logs, with all kinds of alternative lines, pavers direct little technical lines. Perfect little area for beginners to learn how to roll obstacles.

A lot of time was spent on the gathering area. Beautiful concrete and stone work for a place to sit and chill. But of course we all couldn't help by "sprucing" it up even more.

Gathering area again...

The lower practice area is really shaping up into a primo session spot. Here's a pic of the beautiful rock work done to create multiple chute lines from different tiers.

Mike W is seen here working with a new BBTC member. Creating a steep turn for an alternative line.

Concrete to reinforce the rocks on the bottom of the mini chute in turn anchors the pavers above it. As well as a couple of split wood posts stuffed in the ground supporting a split log along the side.

And here we have the beauty that i worked on all day. The 2' round base of that cedar tree that wrecked my grandma's house during that huge wind storm we had. i shaved it and placed it behind a huge rock that nobody had any idea of what to do with. With a little concrete work and a few more stones we have an advanced line over the rock from the log. Then we have a few intermediate lines. A simple over the log stack in the middle, and then a split log ride on the other end which is perfectly aligned for when you come off the chute from the upper tier. Perfect "flow", and the a feature that has 6 possible ways of riding it, multiple more if you're a trials rider....

And here's a sneak peek at a project that's soon to be completed. This idea almost got scrapped and i'm happy that i basically offered to pay for this idea in order for it to be realized. Suspension bridge over a 12 foot gap.

Lot of the uppity ups in the club were getting a little peeved at the time and cost of this project. And it wasn't certain we'd get approved for more money by the city. Lotta political mumbo jumbo, but it really reminded me of all construction projects (i work in construction for those that don't know), in that the people off the field always overworry about this stuff. i don't have the patience or the talent for all the board room stuff, kudos for those that do haha.

Art had the awesome idea, he's put so much into this project, i thought it was a crying shame that some of the really cool finishing touches might be killed by lack of funds. But as it turned out, money and approval went through and we'll soon have a really cool bridge.

Here's a little slideshow of an alternative line coming off G-line (Rock Gabion), passing a little ladder bridge to rock garden, onto the trail over the log ride me and Mike did last week, over teeter totter, down rock chute with nice new paver run out created by Ralph, then over my new log feature which i named "Homewrecker".....

To locals... We need more help for the "advanced" area. We like North Shore, we like Galbraith, we like South Seatac Flow Park, we like Post Canyon. Please like us and give us a hand.

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Amazing use of the land and all the rocks/tree features you imported. Looks better and better every time I see pics. And big props for getting more funding & volunteer time to keep it going. Can't wait till I can get on the West coast to visit again.

This is so all the different lines that are obvious in this pic.

Skookum said:
The lower practice area is really shaping up into a primo session spot. Here's a pic of the beautiful rock work done to create multiple chute lines from different tiers.


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Great Job....This will turn into a "must stop" on the way to and from Whistler from California!:D Brilliant use of a dead urban area.

Thanks for all your hard work,

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